“Law of Attraction”, “The Secret”, “48 Laws of Power”, “Too Many Bosses, Too Few Leaders”, “change your questions change your life”, “the Key”, “You’ll See It When You Believe It”, “The Power”, “Spirit Junkie”, “Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office”, “The Attractor Factor”, and the list goes on, but they all have a few things in common.

Not only have they influenced me and millions of other people around the world, but they cite law of attraction, utilize visualization, the power prayer and/or affirmations, mediation and focusing on the desires of not only the heart but with the assistance of the universe. You will find at least a paragraph dedicated to explaining how once you are in alignment with the universe and your true destiny; everything falls into place. The is no need for doubt, worry, anger, hostility, inquiries, schemes, fear or any of the chaos that can come from life. 

The cat has died, your father has cancer, your mother isn’t speaking to you because a stain on her wooden table, mountains of debt and obligation, your ex has gone back to his first baby momma, you hate your 9 to 5 because it ‘s a constant complain machine that you can’t fix, your little sister is thin and accomplished, your overweight and confused most of the time, the post man has driven over the mailbox, the garbage man keeps leaving some kinda of trash behind, there are animals in your backyard that are not supposed to be there, you are very behind in terms of success and living life, and you do not travel or socialize as you probably should for number of reason, the list goes on and on, and ON. 

With the law of attraction the idea is not that you make this list or acknowledge the nonsense, when you are walking and talking in alignment with the universe and your true destiny. All of these minor details fall to your feet not as obstructions but as mere decoration to paths of your life to your ultimate destiny and purpose in the grand idea of what God has placed you on this planet for and we are not meant to get sidetracked and lose focus of our power to choose to walk with or against that alignment.

No amount of guilt is going to change that choice, you…we…have to make the decision to walk and talk not as if we are above the chaos and confusion, but as we are above the chaos and confusion. Finding your joy can be  a challenge when you choose to focus on the nonsense, bills and whatnot(s) of life. A challenge is a good thing, because it is your destiny to overcome it or for it to be removed from your path as an obstruction. Your persistence determines a portion of your fate. 

“The three things that are most essential to achievement are common sense, hard work and stick-to-it-iv-ness.” Thomas A. Edison

 How significant is achievement or what is the correlation between achievement and God’s plan and law of attraction? 

And this brings us to my favorite quote or mantra of discipline for freedom. Discipline in staying the course and not getting sidetracked to and doing so allows level of freedom from the baggage and choas of life.

Last modified: December 3, 2018