Medabloom Hemp Oil - 300mg of REAL, PURE, POTENT Full Spectrum Hemp Extract - Pain Relief, Anti Anxiety, Stress Support, Sleep Supplements, Inflammation - 3rd Party Tested, Organic Oils, Made in USA

I used the hemp oil made by medabloom and I have to say it is not super oil based and smells like “bud” and the downside would be the holding it under your tongue for 90 seconds and that it takes an equal amount of time to take effect.

Medabloom claims that their product promotes calmness, immunity, balance, and digestion. I did have some change in my digestive habits in the beginning, after 2 months of usage, I am back to normal. It did help curb nervousness or anxiety and promote balance. I also did not have my allergies affect me as much as they have in past spring transition periods. I will purchase this product again and I will also purchase an amazon competitor to compare the two products over the next 30 days.


Thanx to Medabloom!

Last modified: May 13, 2019



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