How did I get rid of my horrible adult acne? I purchased alot of products and devices and underwent a few procedures to try and get the cure or what worked for me.

I even tried the Korean 10 step skin routine:

I brought all the items and gave it a whirl for about a month. The items I brought and tried as as follows:

Cleansing Balm: Banila Co. Clean it Zero

  Foaming Cleanser: Nooni Snowflake Whipping Cleanser

Acne Cleanser: Ciracle Anti-Blemish Tea Tree Face Wash

Toner: Oolu Orchid Toner

Acne Toner: COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner

Serum: Pore Corset Serum

Essence: Manyo Factory Galactomyces Niacin Special Treatment Essence

Moisturizer: Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream

SPF: Thank You Farmer Sun Project Water Sun Cream SPF 50

Masks: Bon Vivant Botanical Pure Mask Pack

The products for the Korean 10 step skin care routine are from their research and having the different products for the different skin types is smart and chose Sheridan’s products because our skin types are more alike than that of Cissy’s. I am such a girl that, I love when things smell good and are cute and make you feel like a woman. Welcome to adulthood, where a simple noxema wash will not cut it and especially not with all the issues I had. I do not where make-up because I could not tackle my acne for years and most of my adulthood but now, I may be able to explore the idea, nonetheless.

After trying microdermabrasion and dermaplaning, my face started to cooperate with the products.

According to plasticsurgery,org, “Microdermabrasion treatments use a minimally abrasive instrument to gently sand your skin, removing the thicker, uneven outer layer. This type of skin rejuvenation is used to treat light scarring, discoloration, sun damage and stretch marks”. Dermaplaning is the use a sterile surgical blade and using said blade to shave the surface of the skin, by doing so you are removing more dead skin than you would with topical exfoliation or other physical exfoliation like with a scrub brush.

I had my microderabrasion with Hand & Stone Hewlett in New York.

Meanwhile, I used a livingsocial voucher for dermaplaning to go to faceglowNYC, and although I was scared, it turned things around and all I needed to do after that procedure was maintain and use which products will maintain skin health.

I chose to use Botanic Hearth Acne Scar Wash, which has a great combination of geranium, aloe vera, MSM, Vitamin C, lavender, oregano, tea tree oil, rose hip oil, and even more organic ingredients. 

Granted the Korean skincare routine did inspire me to make use of masks, serums, and moisturizers, I did not adopt all the products as apart of my new normal but some I had to tweak to I thought would work for me, such as: BaeBody Beauty Mask, Pumpkin Enzyme, X Out Wash Treatment, SkinMiso Pore Minimizing Serum, Joseon Beauty, Bon Vivant Aloe Botanical Mask Pack, Cosrx AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner, Ciracle Anti-Blemish Teatree Wash to mix things up from time to time, Aloe Vera, Face Cleaning Spin Brush, Charcoal Pull Mask.

Every morning I use the Botanic Hearth Acne Scar Wash with a a loofah face scrub pad, I follow it up with aloe vera or a spritz of the Cosrx and then SkinMiso and Joseon Beauty; as my matte moisturizer. Every so often I have to strip my face of all the products and dead skin and I achieve this with the Charcoal Pull Mask and/or the Pumpkin Enzyme.

I did however purchase a microdermabrasion kit and a facial kit to help me with my at home regiment every season or so and on special occasions, I will go back to faceglowNYC.

Granted I have not mastered the at home dermaplaning but trying has been fun and not a complete wash of time and money. I still encounter Menstrual acne which I zap away with Zapzyt but not to the severity of previous years and I also have not perfected my diet but I have improved on most things and my skin has responded well to the adjustments.

I use a simple SPF from Neutrogena that does not clog my pores and cause breakouts.

Please take your diet, lifestyle, such as face touching habits, stress, and cleaning regiment into account when you select which products work best for you.


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Last modified: March 6, 2019



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