The above video is with Mo’Nique and Steve Harvey, who two amazing comedic leaders of the opposite sex discussing integrity and money values and cited opportunity makers Lee Daniels and Oprah Winfrey as possible unfortunate victims as apart of Mo’Nique‘s attacks on the industry under the guise of her integrity.
Although, I question Mo’Nique‘s motives but it was interesting how Jussie Smollett chose to possibly make false reports to possibly gain the attentions or blessings of Lee Daniels‘.
Lee Daniels is the writer and director of the hit FOX series EMPIRE, which features stars like Taraji P. Henson, and Terrence Howard. Both of whom have checks coming their way due to active credits, according to, however Mr. Jussie Smollett does not have any credits or money after EMPIRE, according to

Lee Daniels worked with Mo’Nique on the film entitled Precious, which I personally thought was going to be a hit and awesome film but unfortunately, the film did not do well, but I do not agree that it failed due to Mo’Nique, granted if she had promoted it, more people probably would have went to see it because “their girl” said it was a go see, but her not promoting it was not the only reason as to why the film failed.

I read the book the film was based off of and to blame Mo’Nique for something that in opinion, the screenplay writer and director, casting errors, lighting, and so many other reasons were apart of this film’s failure. Sapphire gave an awesome novel to bring to the screen but the film fell apart at a number of seams, faster than a fat girl in a Chinese Size L, nonetheless, it was Geoffrey Fletcher‘s 1st screenplay and he cannot chose what makes the final cut.

It seems very characteristic of Lee Daniels to blame anyone for failure except himself, but he is talented and can gain people’s support as he did from Dame Dash, who a few weeks ago “pulled on Lee Daniels for 2 million dollar investment in a film”, according to this clip but there is no reason why Jussie Smollett does not have people wanting and waiting to work with him, according to this search I did today, Jussie Smollett even after some say he lied and made up being attacking by Trump supporters in Chicago so he could get some clout and attention and this would translate according to some to gigs. His value in money made him possibly chose to lie to police and and the greater American public. The search produced more views for 41 million views on his working versus this media distraction as the video below.

Does money make people sacrifice integrity as Steve Harvey suggests? Is it possible to have integrity and make profits? Although, integrity does not make most of us money is can help you sleep better at night. How do you all feel about Jussie Smollett, Mo’Nique, Steve Harvey, Lee Daniels? I am not sure how much integrity Oprah Winfrey has sacrifice to gain her billions but when she was on the air some suggested her not being as upstanding as her persona portrayed. I, however, like many others am an Oprah Winfrey fan and supporter, so when Mo’Nique attacked her on stage I was not happy and thought attacking her was a low blow but Mo’Nique was fighting a low fight, and instead of going high as Michelle Obama may have advised, Mo’Nique went lower and for longer than the average person would, to try and bring some attention to her career. The efforts were not lost because she did land the interview with Steve Harvey Talk Show .

I posed the question to a friend of mine, who has integrity and the highest amount of profitability?, he named a handful of people that I questioned how much “integrity sacrifice” was available to the public because integrity is personal and most people would not willingly share with the masses that they sold their soul for money or for something that may tarnish their soul “in the end” or even their image. I hope I get some comments on this post, because I think it is a conversation the America needs to have with the present social climate.

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