I had the most amazing and pivotal day in which my past from each part of my life reached out to me and the calls and messages were right on time.

I had an interesting childhood that did have me attending a facility called “The Door”, which offered study groups, healthcare, art, hang for everyone but I heard about from a friend that said they would give me condoms and birth control without having too much fuss from my mom. I ended signing for everything just because it was free and not too much fuss. In the tour everyone when from section to section and received some evaluation or appointment. I ended up with follow up appointments with an art therapist, gyn, doctor, and psat prep.

I ended up continuing with art therapy and until “I aged out” of eligible services at “The Door”. I remember the last session I had with my art therapist and I did everything to not cry in front of him but barely made it to the exit before I was all teared up. I wanted to run back and hug him and see if somehow we could continue our sessions at the discounted rate but I felt he should have to discount anything and I needed to improve my finances and I would be able to compensate him accordingly.

Years later, I still have not been able to get back into art therapy but I have been able to D-I-Y art therapy, which isn’t effective because I have to motivate myself into that frame of mind, which is half the battle.

Does anyone on here believe in the law of attraction and vedic religion. I do plan to delve more into those field in future post but let me know what you think.

These events happen around a high level vedic celebration and before the Chinese New Year. This blog post had been in draft mode for weeks because it was somewhat private but I am a transparent person and sharing my story is why I chose to start this blog. I believe hiding the intimate details goes against the energy that I initial set out upon starting this blog and what I want to be. I want it to be a tool for people to avoid major pitfalls and derailments that come with living life.

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Last modified: February 20, 2019



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