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It’s been 8 years since my interview with Professor Michael J. Cripps, who was my first English professor and encouraged me to write and improve my writing skills as a freshmen. Throughout my college career, I not only improved my writing skills but I fell into English after I flunked out of college as a Pre-Dental – Biology major. Flunking out was a huge blow to my ego and I had to write a letter to a committee to be allowed back into college. I wrote for my life. I wrote to them and did not leave anything out, including promising to go to therapy and change my major from Pre-Dental – Biology to English and mapped out how I would be able to graduate within the appropriate amount of time. My GPA was very bad upon my return to college after summer break and I had to get all A(s) to even think about graduating undergrad with a decent GPA. I did get all A(s) until I met another professor that wanted me expelled, and that’s another story for another blog post.

Check out my “Conversations @ York College” with Professor Cripps and me closer to 300lbs with braces over 8 years ago.

Part 1 of the interview was very interesting for me to watch 8 years later, Part 2 of the interview seems to be where Professor Cripps wanted my to explain my change from a Biology  major to an English major, and frankly it did not occur to me then that that is what he wanted from his interviewee without badgering me or being too aggressive.

I did discuss developing my writing craft because I have always considered myself a poet and an artist. I have written many pieces to date and I hope to start featuring some artwork on the blog in future. I love drawing flowers and landscapes.

I do believe revising and drafts make a piece stronger and usually the content is better received. Discipline for freedom started from this constant need to fix content, because it took discipline to allow me to be free of worry that I would get a poor grade and developing relationships with professors is easier to handle when you are not one their failing students.

Part 2:

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