So it was a summer morning in August, I was headed to work and reminding myself of the correspondence I received from New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. The letter as I recalled stated that I had not pursued business with the motivation of profitability.

I totally disagreed but I could see how a tax professional could see the opportunities I had left behind so to call my higher self to the table, I thought about establishing a real responsibility such as filing for an LLC. How?

Well, I chose to google “LLC”, and legalzoom was having a sale, and I could save 10% on whatever legal documents I needed to file. I did choose to file an LLC with LegalZoom. As I put in my information, I ended up in a tunnel and lost my signal. That may have stopped ordinary people but I am simple enough to push against odds.

Once I was out the train station, instead of the webpage still being as I left it, it was lost, so I put in my information again and I was 10 minutes late to work by doing so but the sale was complete. And I was now registered as SimplySimpleSoy LLC, or so I thought.

Long story short, it didn’t get complete until December. And then the real what the LLC, started to kick off. If you are interested in how my LLC stands today, in February, let me know in the comments down below.

Simply put, I think I bite off more than I can chew.


Last modified: February 13, 2019



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