It’s one thing to start an online store but it’s another to have a successful online store. There are many types of online stores:

  1. brick & mortar stores adding internet sales
  2. only online sales with owner shipping products to customer
  3. dropshipping – which is only online sales with owner being the contact between product and customer with little to no involvement in shipping.
  4. ebay store sales which is not like a true to fit e-commerce store but the profitability is A1 sauce because the overhead and initial investment is little to none.
  5. Niche based online store, available via multiple platforms.
  6. Application based sales, like ibotta.
  7. Sale of online store or business, such as with flippa.
  8. Forum based sales, such as craigslist.
  9. Trade subscription sales, such as setting up the trade of products via subscription with trusted users.
  10. Social Media Sales.


If you would like for me to elaborate on any of the above, please let me know in the comments.

Last modified: February 13, 2019



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