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My first try at veggie beef, join me on the good food that so happen to be good for you journey.

First: I put on the pot of water to boil.

As the water was coming to a boil, I set up a skillet pan with avocado oil.

I placed minced garlic and capers in the oil.

As that came to a sizzle, I grabbed the lightlife gimme lean veggie beef packet and sliced off a finger width of the product and placed 2 of the slices for mashing with a fork in the skillet. After the product was smashed by the fork, I placed classico tomato pesto sauce in the mixture and then chose to put, cayenne pepper, turmeric, onion powder, parsley flakes, salt, black pepper, hot sauce, and proceeded to continue to smash all the ingredients together. Once it looked as if all the seasoning were incorporated into the veggie beef, I pour a cup of my favorite tomato sauce over top the veggie beef.

As the water came to a boil, I placed the whole spaghetti in pot and allowed the water to creep up the length of the pasta. As the pasta cooked down, I pour 1/4 teaspoon of salt into the water.

As the pasta came to the firmness, I prefer, I plated the food with pasta first, veggie beef sauce atop that, sprinkle parsley flakes and a drizzle of additional hot sauce.

It was good food that so happen to be good for you.

Last modified: February 6, 2019



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