I have a 30 minute workout on my calendar for today but this new organ situation has me nauseous and  not willing to jump around on the trampoline or Pilates/Yoga combo. On Thanksgiving I had to have emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder. I had never had any hospitalizations or doctor’s appointment for my gallbladder so I was very shocked and sadden that the surgeon opted to remove it without following conclusion test results showing that my gallbladder needed to be removed. I was told after 2 test should inconclusive results, a 3rd test would be done to given definitive results as to what was causing my ailments. Within hours I was gallbladder-less and upon waking up, asked God to forgive me for I will not be returned to him as he sent me here.  I feel horrible that the gallbladder was removed so suddenly, less than 6 months ago, I had stellar results from my primary care physician. At this time, he is no longer my primary care physician due to my insurance not paying him enough for him to continue to do business with them. 

Unfortunately, looking for a new primary care physician is alot of work for me because, I check state records, reviews, and even see what hospitals they are affiliated with, what organizations support them or which they support. It’s a whole ordeal that I have so many stresses, I would rather not deal with this but I have to find the right dietary balance that will not have me queasy, sleepy, hair falling out, hungry, or stressed. 

I have been struggling to eat since the surgery atop the seemingly botched belly button and keloids I have that are very bothersome. I am no convinced that my gallbladder needed to be removed, I think it was very aggressive to remove it with conclusive test results and without actually trying to fix the gallbladder. I have heard that the issues may have just gotten worst over time but to go from 0 to 100 and remove the gallbladder was a complete shock but I was in no condition to argue or ask questions. I could barely hold my head up from all the vomiting. This is going to be a life long journey that scares me and worries me that I will only worsen my health or that my health will worsen as a result versus improve. 

My sister told me about digestive enzymes that help breakdown food in the absence of the gallbladder allowing me to consume certain foods in very moderate amounts but frankly, I would rather not eat them and try to live my best life without the rich foods and poor dietary choices. If anyone has any suggestions, please join in this conversation, because it is all very new to me. Thank you. Stay focused on the prize.  

Last modified: December 10, 2018



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